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Kortex Automation Pvt. Ltd is a renowned business concern based in Thane, Mumbai. They are primarily dealing with products like water pumps, air compressors, generators, etc. Some of the sought after items by prospective users are as follows:

  • Reciprocating compressor :- Reciprocating compressor is a displacement compressor powered by a crankshaft to supply gas under extreme pressure. The gas passes through a suction pump and directly flows into the compression cylinder thereby getting it compressed. This specific compressor is utilized in several applications such as chemical plants, gas pipelines, air conditioning, and refrigeration plants.
  • Oil-Free Air Compressor :- An oil-free air compressor is regarded as one of the vital components which are used as power tools at job sites. Moreover, it helps carry out multiple tasks at a time. You do have a diverse range of options to choose from since it varies in terms of size, style, and performance. However, you have to pay close attention while procuring one as there are air compressors that use an oil-lubricated pump and oil-free design.
  • Compressed Air Dryer :- Compressed Air Dryer is a filter system that is meant to flush out water present in compressed air. During the process of compressing, temperature raises and removes foreign elements. As a result, compressed air remains at a stable temperature and humidity. Water vapor is eliminated via compressed air to avert condensation thereby blocking the formation of moisture content.
  • Pressure Regulator :- A Pressure Regulator is a type of valve that is designed to maintain the pressure of a gas at a specific value. It is a device that features a sensor and restrictor along with an additional pressure sensor, flow valve, and controller. This is broadly classified into two namely

Pressure reducing regulator is a device that brings down the input pressure of a gas at the desired level while the backpressure regulator is a control valve that is used in stabilizing pressure levels.

Conclusion : Kortex Automation Pvt. Ltd is a reliable business organization that deals with the supply of products including air compressors, generators, and water pumps.



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