It’s called a Screw Air compressor because its principle is based on Screw and it’s a positive displacement type compressor because it gives us constant flow at constant pressure. There is an air-type casing provided on the driving and driven member. The moment the driving member starts rotating, the suction valve opens up, and the filtered air enters inside the compressor. These air compressors are designed for Pulsation free air delivery and continuous duty. As compare to Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor, it requires low starting torque as the moving parts have less mass in the Rotary Air compressor. Kortex Automation manages to customize an Air compressor according to your requirement. There is a receiver tank mounted inside in which the compressed air is stored and hereafter the compressed air is stored in the main receiver tank or it can also be directly used. There is a motor and air filter also. There is an oil and air separator in which oil and air get separated.

All Screw Air compressors operate according to the basic principles of a Positive displacement machine whose key element is a pair of spiral rotors. During operations, the rotor turns and spiral teeth mesh together. Forming chambers between the rotors and casing wall. Rotation causes the chamber to move from the suction or intake side to the compression or discharge side. These chambers are connected to the suction nozzle via ports. As the chambers enlarge, they are filled with gas and flowing in through the nozzle. The rotors now transport the gas to the discharge side where the chamber shrinks and the retain gas is compressed. Once the gas is compressed, the chamber reaches another port connected to the discharge nozzle, and the gas flows out. All the chambers between the two rotors are being filled and empty continuously. This means with the screw Air compressor the compression process is more or less ongoing. The design of the Screw Air compressor combines the advantages of a Positive displacement machine with those of a rotating machine. Making these types of compressors suitable for a very wide range of applications and processes.

When you are deciding to buy an ideal air compressor, there are many factors that one has to consider like High Performance that maximizes its performance, Industrial Design that makes it compact and easy to install, Reliability that promises smooth production, Energy efficiency that saves power and hence money, Safety features that ensure the safety of the user, etc.

Applications of Air Compressor

Air compressor is mostly used in Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Spray Painting, Energy Sector, Pressure Washing, Inflating, Scuba diving, etc. The main purpose of the Air Compressor is to circulate the refrigerant in the system under pressure.

Kortex Automation has different types of Industrial Air compressors for you according to your applications. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all types of Industrial Air compressors and other industrial products.



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